Unexplained Bruising: The Hidden Facts

It was one evening while taking a shower that I noticed a dark patch under the skin on my left thigh. It was definitely a bruise. However, I couldn’t exactly figure out how I got bruised in the first place. The day had been gruesome. A straight 6 hours riding on the track with my crew. The bruise didn’t cause me worry at first. But I had to figure out how I got it in the first place since I couldn’t recall getting a knock while riding my bike. From the research I did, unexplained bruising is a common phenomenon. Guys like me are prone to come across it one time in our life. If you’ve suffered from bruising you can’t explain, here are some of the facts.

Who is likely to suffer from bruising they can’t recall?

Anyone can suffer from bruising they can’t recall. A bruise usually results from the rupture of microscopic blood vessels under the skin due to contact with a hard surface. Children are prone to unexplained hematoma during play when, they can easily bump onto a hard surface but not recall later. Studies show that this condition becomes more likely to occur as we age. The reason for this is that elderly folks’ blood vessels get thinner as they age. In addition, humans tend to lose their fatty tissue as they age resulting in less “cushioning” against hard knocks.

What are the common causes of unexplained hematoma?

Some medications have been found to cause bruising that cannot be explained. Blood thinners are a known suspect. The action of these medicines on the blood results in higher blood pressure which in turn can result in the rupture of some of the microscopic blood vessels under the skin.

Some health conditions and infections have been found to cause unexplained hematoma. Patients suffering from bleeding or clotting disorders are prone to experience this condition. For example, a patient suffering from a bleeding disorder might experience discoloration under the skin after the blood vessels rupture. The symptoms usually indicate bruising rather than a blood clot. Infections that result in the buildup of toxins in the blood can also cause unexplained hematoma.

Overstraining the muscles can also lead to bruising that’s unexplainable. This is what I believe to have caused my bruising after my track competition. Studies show that athletes, bodybuilders and any person participating in activities that strain the muscles over extended periods are highly likely to suffer from such bruising. While exercising the muscles, the body is struggling to get enough oxygen via the blood vessels. The increased blood flow to the muscles in turn increases the amount of pressure within the microscopic blood vessels under the skin. Rupture of these vessels results in bruising.

Is unexplained hematoma worth concern?

In most cases, unexplained bruises will appear and disappear by themselves. They will usually appear bluish and then change to greenish-yellow as they heal.

There are however instances where the patient should be concerned about unexplained bruises and seek medical help. Such instances include bruises that are caused by certain medications or health conditions.