Doing Exercise and Eating Healthy instead of Dieting

My wife finally had it with her dieting. After a few weeks of trying to get into the hang of things with regards to dieting, she is calling it quits. She said that it is very hard controlling what you eat, when there are too many good food around you, and especially when your husband always keep on tempting you with them all the time. So I guess I’ve won.

You see my wife thought that she has gained too much weight from her recent pregnancy and that she got really fat from it, so she decided to go into a diet of some kind to help her regain her old form back. I told her that she looks just fine and sexy anyway, and whatever excess weight that she gained will probably be gone naturally in a couple of months without any help because that is just the way with pregnancy.

It’s not that I don’t support her with all her plans and stuff, but when I saw that dieting is getting the best of her, it is only natural for me to tell her that it is really not a good thing for her to continue on her current course. Initially I was all for it and was supportive of her goals, heck I even did research on it and even bought her low carb vegetables that she could use in her dieting and also low carb fruits that she could munch on whenever she is feeling particularly hungry, instead of the usual chocolate bar that is always present with her. But when I saw that she often complains of being hungry and famished, became moody and grumpy all the time, and also seem to lack energy doing even the simplest of things, I decided that this thing had to stop as it is slowly destroying her, most likely without her even knowing it.

I kept telling her that doing exercise is really better in the long run and is far easier to do than dieting. And that if she really wanted to remove those unwanted pounds, then she should drop the sodas and the chocolate bars that is always present with her all day every day. Eating healthy, I told her, is much different and far easier than dieting per se because with dieting, you are just depraving yourself of food that is otherwise good to eat, while with healthy eating, you can eat anything you want really, but always in moderation and always with the health of the entire body in mind.

I told her that I will help with her exercise and perhaps join her also, as I too seem to really be in need of it. I also told her that no matter what shape or form she had already become, I still love her with all my heart, and will continue to love her for the rest of my life. I guess she really couldn’t say no to that and indeed she acceded. Everything is okay now.