A Most Fun Visitor

My little niece is currently staying with us for a couple of days because her parents are on a working cruise of some kind. I don’t know how these cruises work or of why they did not bring her with them, all I know is that we are very glad that she is here now and will be spending a great amount of time with us in the near future.

You see my niece Anna is my favorite niece, probably because she is the only niece I got and the remaining kids are all nephews. But kidding aside, we surely welcome any kind of company as it is very boring living in a large house with only a few people in it. No there aren’t really any ghosts in our house and we do love the solitude and peace that it brings, but the company of another human being, especially relatives, brings out a different kind of happiness that only living people can be capable of giving.

On her first day with us, she was very quiet and was contented to just keep to herself. She did speak when she was spoken to but that is the extent of her talking ways. I almost made myself a fool trying many different ways just to make her smile, or illicit any kind of reaction that was hopefully different from her stoically blank stare that she was currently exhibiting. Maybe she was just missing her parents or something and this was her reaction to it, but I thought that the earlier I get her to respond to me, the better she will cope from her parents leaving her for a period of time.

She did sleep in our bed beside my wife as she was afraid of the thunder that is caused by the storm that we experienced the whole of yesterday, with me getting myself comfortable in the sofa which also was an adventure for me, in a kind of back stiffening way.

In the morning, after a long distance call from her parents, her mood thankfully lightened up a bit over breakfast and she also flashed for us a sweet little smile. She probably had seen me sleeping with my Winnie the Pooh blanket and my Mickey Mouse slippers still on and also probably saw me falling from the sofa, thanks to my ever loving wife yelling loudly in my ear.

But the breakout we have been waiting for occurred in the afternoon after I printed for her several coloring pages for her to color, or make into an airplane for that matter, as we all know of how much kids of her age loves coloring things. I thought of printing several of Disney’s Frozen Coloring Pages as her mother said that she particularly adores that movie, and also a couple of My Little Pony Coloring Pages, just because little girls love ponies and all the things associated with them. It worked like a charm, and yes, some of the coloring pages did turn out as airplanes, but all was better after it.

Now on her fourth day with us, she’s already very active around the house and most important of all, she’s acting like the kid that she, in reality, is. She and Missy have gotten along just fine. She even asked me if it were possible for me to teach her how to ride a bike and stuff. Now that’s what I’m talking about. I’m already looking forward to what the next couple of days will bring to us, hopefully more fun.