The Cost of an Afternoon of Fun

I seem to be somehow feeling my age getting the best of me these days. My mustache which once was standing straight on end back when I was young, now hangs limp on the sides of my face, which also kind of reminds me to buy some industrial grade mousse for it when I go out later. Another thing is my bike riding skills which somehow got rusty and stuff, which also makes me think of why really as I have been riding almost daily with it, so how come that happened?


I was at the skate park this afternoon with several of my friends just chilling around. We were to try the newly renovated wood ramps with a couple of old tricks and also to try out new ones that we saw during the recent X-games competition. We only watch them on the television as time constraints really prohibit us from watching it live. Besides we’re in Canada so going to one really will be really hard, if not costly.

All of us got our bike jumps in, just like old times. Tabletop jumps, getting some serious air under us and grinding the ramps really awakens already sleeping blood. Muscle memory served us well as the tricks we used to perform back in the days are easily repeated now with only cursory practice needed for it. I even did a couple of backflips like old times and it was an exhilarating thing, imagine going upside down while moving forward at fast speeds, and managing to land upright and untangled is kind of hilarious.

The only blemish on an otherwise perfect day was a fall I experienced doing something so simple, that I almost feel ashamed that it happened in the first place. I just jumped on the ramp and when I tried to land, I somehow squeezed the breaks too tightly and I flew off, leaving my clueless bike behind. I did a full face-plant on the ramp and if you were watching me then, you would laugh too, probably along with my jackass friends.

The macho in me dragged my body to the standing position as if nothing really happened, but in reality, my face hurts like hell and I am feeling something moving inside my mouth, probably a tooth or two by the looks of it. I also felt a little gum pain starting, probably from the mouthpiece being pressed too hard against it or maybe from the trauma of my tooth removed from its anchors or something. I expectorated the blood and other debris from my mouth when nobody was looking and I told them that I’d call it a day.

I bought a couple of Tylenol for tooth pain relief and also some ice packs to lessen the swelling on my cheeks  during my ride back home, and carefully applied them quickly before my wife came home, as I would never really hear the end of it if she sees me like this. Knowing her, she probably was worse than my friends when it comes to bullying me and stuff.

If I can only find a valid reason for this, then my wife would probably feel bad for me and maybe, just maybe she’ll commiserate. I just hope she doesn’t see through me and laugh. I just hate it when she tells me that I am already too old for these things.