For Everything, Preparation is Key

My wife had been pretty busy these couple of weeks preparing for the imminent birth of our child. We already finished the nursery where the baby will sleep in making sure everything in there is according to what we had planned. From the color of the room to the particular brand and make of the crib, we even placed all the baby stuff in there especially the rotating installations that keeps the baby both busy and stimulated. We also had installed the cameras and lighting fixtures that are needed in the room. We made sure everything was already prepared and the only thing that was missing now from the room was the baby.

My wife also prepared well for her upcoming delivery, always reading about the different breathing techniques that may help her lessen the pain of delivery, and also of the signs of labor that she must be aware of, so that we may be warned if the baby is really coming or just a false alarm or something. She even prepared a bag full of her things, which we are supposed to bring to the hospital with her, the time she is about to deliver our baby.

She also has read about breastfeeding and the benefits it brings to both the mother and the baby, on how to properly do it and also on how to stop breastfeeding eventually when the time comes. Several dos and don’ts regarding the general aspects of it were also discussed in the book. One interesting item in it that I found very intriguing was on the particular kinds of foods to avoid while breastfeeding section of the book.  It was my first time to know, that there were actually foods that doesn’t bode well when eaten, especially during breastfeeding.

I was surprised about the list of foods I saw in the book. Alcohol being bad for breastfeeding I can understand, but food items such as coffee, garlic, cinnamon, sea foods, pepper and other spicy foods got me a little confused. I also saw my wife cringe upon reading the list as several of the items listed there were in fact favorites of her.

The book said that these particular foods have different effects on the baby. Minute amounts of these food items are passed directly to the baby via the milk coming from the mother, therefore utmost care should always observed, as the baby’s bodily systems are still under-developed and will have a hard time processing and expelling them from their system. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks make the baby irritable and hard put to get decent sleep. Alcohol develops drowsiness in the baby and also contributes to the baby’s bodily weakness and relative weight gain among other things. Garlic on the other hand, although a great source of vitamins and minerals, leaves a bitter aftertaste in the breasts, which the baby might find irritating enough, that the baby may well stop from breastfeeding eventually.

I admit that there are still lots in this world that I don’t know about. It’s good of my wife to learn these kinds of things as they may prove very valuable in time. The habit of reading things that you don’t understand is very admirable in a person and I’m lucky my wife is one of them. And I’m pretty sure that my kids will eventually benefit from it too someday.