This Happens When You Eat Too Much

I am feeling particularly very happy these days and I think I can do anything in this world. I am invincible, like some kind of superhero, with powers beyond anyone’s imagination. I think if I ever did compete again in the X-Games right now, I probably would take home all the available awards and all the prizes too. That’s how happy I am, and you are probably very curious about it and may want to know why I am feeling this way. It’s because of the fact that I am about to become a father soon!

But I do have a small problem today and it is acting sort of like the kryptonite to my Superman or the Joker to my Batman, and it’s kind of a long story but it all started with food, lots and lots of it. You see we were celebrating my pregnant wife’s 7th month of carrying our little baby in her belly, and we thought of celebrating it by eating out to seven food places. Not particularly restaurants or anything, but seven places were food is served or dispensed.

We started out with the vending machine right outside the mall and from there we bought two Hershey Bars, and ate them right then and there, offering no kind of resistance to us who were hungry at that time as preparation to the “7 on 7th” celebration that we had planned for the day. Upon entering the mall, we head straight to the Sushi House for the second place in our list. We purposely included it in our list because of sushi’s lightness to the stomach as we are also priming ourselves for the food yet to come, always keeping in mind to eat sparingly as we still have a long way to go.

Our third stop was for two servings of ice-cream in a large cone. We both ordered Chocolate as it was our favorite flavor and it too was gone in a little amount of time. Our fourth was in Allan’s Fireside Grill and there my wife ordered a Rib Eye steak and me a large Porterhouse, as it was already close to lunch time and we thought of having our first complete meal of the day. We had a hearty meal that time and I am already feeling a little bit full in the belly, necessitating my loosening of my belt a little. My wife had to go to the bathroom as her stomach is feeling a little grumbly she said.

Our fifth stop was in the cinema for popcorns and watching a movie. I had to eat all the popcorns as my wife said she doesn’t want any and had to go to the bathroom a couple of times. And although the movie was really good, she said she is not feeling particularly well at the moment and she asked if we could just head back home. I agreed with her as I too, feel my stomach hurt a little from having had too much to eat.

Back home, my wife continued to feel the urge to go to the bathroom frequently. I’m watching her condition very carefully so as to prevent any untoward incident that may result from this diarrhea during pregnancy. I really think it is diarrhea, as she is complaining about watery stools and such. I just gave her enough liquids commensurate with the amount of liquids that she is losing now, to avoid the risk of her being dehydrated.

As for me, here I am with my tummy hurting very much that it feels close to exploding. It is only now that I have eaten that much and I very well think that I’m not going to repeat this thing again. If you look at me now, you can see I’m like little child, suffering from toddler constipation from eating too much, who is very close to tears and who is also near to calling out to mommy. Yep, superheroes got mommies too. And they always call out to them in times of trouble, especially stomach troubles.