The Most Pleasant Surprise Ever

At this current age of mine, after all the things I have been through and had encountered, and after all the pain I suffered and the thrills I have experienced, I never thought I would still be surprised at anything anymore. It turns out I was very wrong in my assumption of that.

It was a Sunday morning when I was preparing to go out for the day, for a scheduled all day romp with some of my very closest friends. We planned for this day way in advance so that all of us will come, and all of us were looking forward to it, as we are going to try out the newly opened jump park that was built near the mall. It’s been a while since the last time we got together, as all of us have gotten very busy, either with work or with family and everyone is really excited to go.

I was finally about to go out with my bike when my wife told be something peculiar. She told me to be very careful biking and to return home early with some milk, as they would be missing me if I would be gone for a long time. It was curious of her to say something like that, but I really had to go as I am already late, so I kissed her and left.

I had that scene on my mind all the way to the rink, as if I’m missing something important and stuff. I kept recalling her saying that they would be missing me, but she is all alone in the house save for Missy, our pet Husky Pomeranian, so what really gives? But I eventually forgot about it when I saw my friends, and everything went rock and roll after that.

We made fools of ourselves the whole day and it was a blast. Doing tricks with our bikes like we were kids jumping around the half pike and time really seemed to fly that day, as everyone was enjoying themselves to the point of exhaustion. I even almost forgot the milk that my wife told me to buy earlier, good thing the grocery was just a little bike ride away. I came home to an already set dinner table with my beautiful wife smiling at me.

Already puzzled with the recent events, I was about to ask my wife about it, when she stopped me mid-sentence and told me to get some water. I went to the ref and opened it, only to find nothing inside except this little white elongated plastic thing. Upon careful inspection I saw that it was a pregnancy test kit and it has two solid red lines on it. I felt dizzy with my knees buckling a little.

So how’s that for pregnancy announcement ideas, my wife asked, but her voice and what she said didn’t really register in me as I was still in shock. So that’s why she said “they” earlier. And that must also be the reason she didn’t go postal on me this month the way she always does when she has her periods. It really is true that a woman’s period while pregnant stops the moment pregnancy is real.

I never did recover from my surprise that night as my wife said that I smiled all throughout the night. I also can’t explain the sensation that was permeating all over my body, making it numb with joy. All I know is that I am the happiest person in the universe right then and there, and no one can top that as I am at last, finally, becoming a father.