Searching a Friend for our Friend

Seeing how Missy is the only dog in the household makes me feel a little bit sad for her kind of. Although we really do care for her deeply and treat her like a regular part of our family, there is always that void in her that we cannot ever hope to fill. If only I know how to speak like a dog and communicate with her, then everything would be just fine and all, but I don’t. So we have made up our minds and decided to get a companion for Missy and hopefully it will cheer her up even a little.

I sometimes wonder what Missy does during the day when we are not at home. Does she watch television or listen to the radio during her idle times? Maybe she have some sort of hobby that we don’t know about or she is just there, in no particular place, spending all her time just waiting for us to eventually come home. So it really got me thinking of how particularly hard her life was and if there was a way to possibly help her. We thought of giving her a dog companion.

It would not be just any random dog or something as we must find out what kind of dog will complement her. It must also be as little as her and has a temperament that will make them go well along together. My wife likes poodles but I thought that poodles were too high-strung for our comfort, so we settled to choose among the different kinds of poodle mixes. They are still poodles but maybe their high-strung ways will become watered down if they get bred to other types of dogs, or so we hope. We eventually decided on getting a Bichon Poodle.

Bichon Poodles are typically small dogs that weight around eight to twelve pounds when fully grown and they have soft wavy coats that do not shed, thanks to the poodle side of the breed. Flappy ears and pointed muzzles are their general distinction and their coat colors are usually white and the shades related to it. They are intelligent kinds of dogs that respond well to training and in fact they are the favorite breed of dog among those people who usually enter dog competitions. They react particularly well with other dogs, almost always adaptable to other pets and also children in general. So you can definitely see that this breed of dog is the one we are looking for.

We just need to iron out several loose ends before we finally get this other dog. Should we get him as a baby or should we settle for an already grown one? Is the space of our home ideal for the two of them? And also from where can we get a hold of him? Hopefully there are respectable breeders around our general vicinity as I don’t want to go too far just to get it.

But everything ultimately depends on Missy and if she will like her new companion. I’m just hoping that what we will be introducing to her would eventually become her friend and not an enemy, as that would be counter-productive of what we aim to do in the first place, which is to make Missy a little happier. I don’t really know how this will end up, but I know that it is worth a try.