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Searching a Friend for our Friend

Seeing how Missy is the only dog in the household makes me feel a little bit sad for her kind of. Although we really do care for her deeply and treat her like a regular part of our family, there is always that void in her that we cannot ever hope to fill. If only I know how to speak like a dog and communicate with her, then everything would be just fine and all, but I don’t. So we have made up our minds and decided to get a companion for Missy and hopefully it will cheer her up even a little.

I sometimes wonder what Missy does during the day when we are not at home. Does she watch television or listen to the radio during her idle times? Maybe she have some sort of hobby that we don’t know about or she is just there, in no particular place, spending all her time just waiting for us to eventually come home. So it really got me thinking of how particularly hard her life was and if there was a way to possibly help her. We thought of giving her a dog companion.

It would not be just any random dog or something as we must find out what kind of dog will complement her. It must also be as little as her and has a temperament that will make them go well along together. My wife likes poodles but I thought that poodles were too high-strung for our comfort, so we settled to choose among the different kinds of poodle mixes. They are still poodles but maybe their high-strung ways will become watered down if they get bred to other types of dogs, or so we hope. We eventually decided on getting a Bichon Poodle.

Bichon Poodles are typically small dogs that weight around eight to twelve pounds when fully grown and they have soft wavy coats that do not shed, thanks to the poodle side of the breed. Flappy ears and pointed muzzles are their general distinction and their coat colors are usually white and the shades related to it. They are intelligent kinds of dogs that respond well to training and in fact they are the favorite breed of dog among those people who usually enter dog competitions. They react particularly well with other dogs, almost always adaptable to other pets and also children in general. So you can definitely see that this breed of dog is the one we are looking for.

We just need to iron out several loose ends before we finally get this other dog. Should we get him as a baby or should we settle for an already grown one? Is the space of our home ideal for the two of them? And also from where can we get a hold of him? Hopefully there are respectable breeders around our general vicinity as I don’t want to go too far just to get it.

But everything ultimately depends on Missy and if she will like her new companion. I’m just hoping that what we will be introducing to her would eventually become her friend and not an enemy, as that would be counter-productive of what we aim to do in the first place, which is to make Missy a little happier. I don’t really know how this will end up, but I know that it is worth a try.

The Most Pleasant Surprise Ever

At this current age of mine, after all the things I have been through and had encountered, and after all the pain I suffered and the thrills I have experienced, I never thought I would still be surprised at anything anymore. It turns out I was very wrong in my assumption of that.

It was a Sunday morning when I was preparing to go out for the day, for a scheduled all day romp with some of my very closest friends. We planned for this day way in advance so that all of us will come, and all of us were looking forward to it, as we are going to try out the newly opened jump park that was built near the mall. It’s been a while since the last time we got together, as all of us have gotten very busy, either with work or with family and everyone is really excited to go.

I was finally about to go out with my bike when my wife told be something peculiar. She told me to be very careful biking and to return home early with some milk, as they would be missing me if I would be gone for a long time. It was curious of her to say something like that, but I really had to go as I am already late, so I kissed her and left.

I had that scene on my mind all the way to the rink, as if I’m missing something important and stuff. I kept recalling her saying that they would be missing me, but she is all alone in the house save for Missy, our pet Husky Pomeranian, so what really gives? But I eventually forgot about it when I saw my friends, and everything went rock and roll after that.

We made fools of ourselves the whole day and it was a blast. Doing tricks with our bikes like we were kids jumping around the half pike and time really seemed to fly that day, as everyone was enjoying themselves to the point of exhaustion. I even almost forgot the milk that my wife told me to buy earlier, good thing the grocery was just a little bike ride away. I came home to an already set dinner table with my beautiful wife smiling at me.

Already puzzled with the recent events, I was about to ask my wife about it, when she stopped me mid-sentence and told me to get some water. I went to the ref and opened it, only to find nothing inside except this little white elongated plastic thing. Upon careful inspection I saw that it was a pregnancy test kit and it has two solid red lines on it. I felt dizzy with my knees buckling a little.

So how’s that for pregnancy announcement ideas, my wife asked, but her voice and what she said didn’t really register in me as I was still in shock. So that’s why she said “they” earlier. And that must also be the reason she didn’t go postal on me this month the way she always does when she has her periods. It really is true that a woman’s period while pregnant stops the moment pregnancy is real.

I never did recover from my surprise that night as my wife said that I smiled all throughout the night. I also can’t explain the sensation that was permeating all over my body, making it numb with joy. All I know is that I am the happiest person in the universe right then and there, and no one can top that as I am at last, finally, becoming a father.

This Happens When You Eat Too Much

I am feeling particularly very happy these days and I think I can do anything in this world. I am invincible, like some kind of superhero, with powers beyond anyone’s imagination. I think if I ever did compete again in the X-Games right now, I probably would take home all the available awards and all the prizes too. That’s how happy I am, and you are probably very curious about it and may want to know why I am feeling this way. It’s because of the fact that I am about to become a father soon!

But I do have a small problem today and it is acting sort of like the kryptonite to my Superman or the Joker to my Batman, and it’s kind of a long story but it all started with food, lots and lots of it. You see we were celebrating my pregnant wife’s 7th month of carrying our little baby in her belly, and we thought of celebrating it by eating out to seven food places. Not particularly restaurants or anything, but seven places were food is served or dispensed.

We started out with the vending machine right outside the mall and from there we bought two Hershey Bars, and ate them right then and there, offering no kind of resistance to us who were hungry at that time as preparation to the “7 on 7th” celebration that we had planned for the day. Upon entering the mall, we head straight to the Sushi House for the second place in our list. We purposely included it in our list because of sushi’s lightness to the stomach as we are also priming ourselves for the food yet to come, always keeping in mind to eat sparingly as we still have a long way to go.

Our third stop was for two servings of ice-cream in a large cone. We both ordered Chocolate as it was our favorite flavor and it too was gone in a little amount of time. Our fourth was in Allan’s Fireside Grill and there my wife ordered a Rib Eye steak and me a large Porterhouse, as it was already close to lunch time and we thought of having our first complete meal of the day. We had a hearty meal that time and I am already feeling a little bit full in the belly, necessitating my loosening of my belt a little. My wife had to go to the bathroom as her stomach is feeling a little grumbly she said.

Our fifth stop was in the cinema for popcorns and watching a movie. I had to eat all the popcorns as my wife said she doesn’t want any and had to go to the bathroom a couple of times. And although the movie was really good, she said she is not feeling particularly well at the moment and she asked if we could just head back home. I agreed with her as I too, feel my stomach hurt a little from having had too much to eat.

Back home, my wife continued to feel the urge to go to the bathroom frequently. I’m watching her condition very carefully so as to prevent any untoward incident that may result from this diarrhea during pregnancy. I really think it is diarrhea, as she is complaining about watery stools and such. I just gave her enough liquids commensurate with the amount of liquids that she is losing now, to avoid the risk of her being dehydrated.

As for me, here I am with my tummy hurting very much that it feels close to exploding. It is only now that I have eaten that much and I very well think that I’m not going to repeat this thing again. If you look at me now, you can see I’m like little child, suffering from toddler constipation from eating too much, who is very close to tears and who is also near to calling out to mommy. Yep, superheroes got mommies too. And they always call out to them in times of trouble, especially stomach troubles.

For Everything, Preparation is Key

My wife had been pretty busy these couple of weeks preparing for the imminent birth of our child. We already finished the nursery where the baby will sleep in making sure everything in there is according to what we had planned. From the color of the room to the particular brand and make of the crib, we even placed all the baby stuff in there especially the rotating installations that keeps the baby both busy and stimulated. We also had installed the cameras and lighting fixtures that are needed in the room. We made sure everything was already prepared and the only thing that was missing now from the room was the baby.

My wife also prepared well for her upcoming delivery, always reading about the different breathing techniques that may help her lessen the pain of delivery, and also of the signs of labor that she must be aware of, so that we may be warned if the baby is really coming or just a false alarm or something. She even prepared a bag full of her things, which we are supposed to bring to the hospital with her, the time she is about to deliver our baby.

She also has read about breastfeeding and the benefits it brings to both the mother and the baby, on how to properly do it and also on how to stop breastfeeding eventually when the time comes. Several dos and don’ts regarding the general aspects of it were also discussed in the book. One interesting item in it that I found very intriguing was on the particular kinds of foods to avoid while breastfeeding section of the book.  It was my first time to know, that there were actually foods that doesn’t bode well when eaten, especially during breastfeeding.

I was surprised about the list of foods I saw in the book. Alcohol being bad for breastfeeding I can understand, but food items such as coffee, garlic, cinnamon, sea foods, pepper and other spicy foods got me a little confused. I also saw my wife cringe upon reading the list as several of the items listed there were in fact favorites of her.

The book said that these particular foods have different effects on the baby. Minute amounts of these food items are passed directly to the baby via the milk coming from the mother, therefore utmost care should always observed, as the baby’s bodily systems are still under-developed and will have a hard time processing and expelling them from their system. Coffee and other caffeinated drinks make the baby irritable and hard put to get decent sleep. Alcohol develops drowsiness in the baby and also contributes to the baby’s bodily weakness and relative weight gain among other things. Garlic on the other hand, although a great source of vitamins and minerals, leaves a bitter aftertaste in the breasts, which the baby might find irritating enough, that the baby may well stop from breastfeeding eventually.

I admit that there are still lots in this world that I don’t know about. It’s good of my wife to learn these kinds of things as they may prove very valuable in time. The habit of reading things that you don’t understand is very admirable in a person and I’m lucky my wife is one of them. And I’m pretty sure that my kids will eventually benefit from it too someday.

Life Slowly fading

I never thought that being an alcoholic would eventually lead one to get neutropenia. That was what my main man Sam said, the last time the doctor went to him to have his unending cough checked.

Liver problems, he has resigned his fate to that and is just waiting for the time it was going to eventually happen to him, and he knows it will soon. Hypertension, he’s got that too, as well as several other afflictions common to a drinking man like he is.

homelessHe is a broken man, Sam, our friend of many a summer. We have known him for about three odd years, which kind of really started the time when he began showing up in the park where we use to hang out. He is homeless, and somehow, the cruel winds of life brought him here to our town. He said it was warmer here and the people are much friendlier than the last city he was in.

We used to always listen to his inebriated ramblings the times we have nothing else better to do. He always spoke of the family that he somehow lost. By what means he never really got to tell, either he totally forgot about it, is just making things up or is probably just too painful to recall.

Me and my friends always make it a point to set him up with whatever little we can do. A few meals here and there, the odd used clothes we no longer need and lots of loose change of course, which we knew would always end up in the corner liquor store in exchange for something that is usually wrapped inside a brown paper bag.

We also always tell him of the folly of his ways, and what was inevitably in store for him if he continued like that. Yet it always seems to fall on deaf ears.

Now he is here in the hospital, all alone in a room, under the governments care. He is under neutropenic precautions because his body lost its ability to ward off even the simplest of infections, any of which he could die from.

It’s funny this neutropenia thing is. The body’s natural defenses, which are the white blood cells, become absent or generally just present in decimated amounts, that your body literally can’t help itself. That even the ever present bacteria in your mouth and gut could turn against you and make you sick.

Sam would not be allowed outside the room, not allowed to mingle with people, not allowed to handle dirt, his food is strictly controlled and even the minutest scrape on his body is dealt with the severity of a major wound. That’s neutropenia for you. We kidded him that soon he will be inside a bubble tent of his own if his situation does not get any better.

Maybe it is better for him this way. Away from the booze and safe from the elements that seems to be his daily companions. Maybe in the peace and quiet of the hospital room he might have a chance to think about his life and of what direction, if any, it is headed to. Maybe he’ll change, and although it is a bit of a stretch, we wish it for him.

The time of second chances for him are getting a bit slimmer by the day. I only hope he finds that glimmer of hope with which he can latch on to. Every man deserves it and so does he.