Viewing: August, 2014

Tattooed on My Heart

I want a new tattoo. And this time not to impress or intimidate, like last time when I did that samurai warrior on the whole of my back. It was wicked as hell and all my friends thought so too. Imagine me biking around in the park, sweat gushing out under the sweltering heat, and then I take a break and take my shirt off. It surely does turn a lot of heads seeing a tattoo like that.

And when I look at the people who are looking at me, they immediately and instinctively look the other way. I like it when people are scared of me. It completes the package that I want people to see me as, I’m superman on bikes don’t you know?

But now is a different time. I have matured enough to know the difference between scaring people through my tattoos to gain respect and having tattoos just because it means something important to me. Nowadays, to gain respect, I teach people rather than intimidate them. It’s more rewarding that way, and the respect you acquire doing that lasts longer. You also gain a lot of good friends along the way.

The tattoo I want to have done really is about something that is close to my heart. I want the faces of my wife and children inscribed on me, permanently there in my chest, close to my heart, where they are supposed to be, and not just some other chest tattoos for men that I would have done in my younger years. Glad it never entered my mind back then else I would be stumped right now.

Dr Flash Tattoo DesignsHaving tattoos never is an easy thing. It hurts quite a bit yes. It’s like a cat who keeps scratching at your skin with its claws, and you have to endure it for a while if you ever want your tattoo to be finished. Some places in your body tend to hurt much more than others when you put tattoos on them. Areas with super sensitive skin like near the armpits, the opposite side of your elbows, back of the knees, on your nipples and other similar places would put you in a world of pain, probably because of the thinness of the skin in those areas which also means that nerves are located shallower in them.

And once you get a tattoo, it’s going to be there with you for a long time, probably forever, so better think about it thoroughly before you take the plunge, as removing them is going to be quite expensive and doubly painful. Better think before you ink my man.

But I’d suffer all that pain gladly if only to put my loves on my body, as I love them so dearly that words are not enough to describe what they really mean to me. I thought maybe these tattoos would help me in that department.

Maybe I’m mistaken about what I think, but I am just a simple man with simple thoughts. And my thoughts tell me to do it, so I will.