Viewing: March, 2015

A Trip to the Mall

Today I found myself at the mall with the kids for some much needed recreation time. The life of today has become very hectic that you sometimes feel that time flies very fast. You can’t really do anything about it as that’s just the way things are. You just got to do things which you know might help you to make life much more comfortable. So that’s why we’re out here today for some much needed fun and a little shopping on the side too.

Anyway I am feeling a little bit guilty for the kids too as I really haven’t spent that much quality time with them lately. They are really growing too fast and I am feeling that they might soon develop a mind of their own and things might change from the way they used to be. Heck, kisses and hugs from them are getting scarcer by the day.

I also had an errand to do there at the mall to buy what my wife told me was the best yoga DVD that she found in the internet. She’s been into it lately with the help of constant prodding from friends. I don’t really know if she really wants it or it’s just peer pressure or something. Better be on the safe side and do what I was told or risk her wrath.

Another thing to buy was the best travel tripod I can get my hands on, budget permitting, to somehow help me with my newly found hobby of taking pictures. Yep it’s only “taking pictures” as of the moment and still not photography per se as I still know nothing much about it.

A buddy of mine purchased a camera and he let me try it. I was hesitant touching it at first as I might break it or something, knowing how clumsy I was, but when I began to take pictures and stuff, I was hooked. That’s about a month ago and now I got my very own camera back at home and here I am searching for a tripod to go along with it.

I bought the two items first to get it over with. The tripod was very nice, it folds into a little neat pile that I think, fits into the camera bag I had, it was very affordable too. Buying the DVD stumped me a bit as there were many of them there and I really don’t know which of them to buy. Good thing the sales person there helped me on it and suggested one for beginners.

After I settled everything, I gave all my time to the kids. We went to all the shops they wanted to go to and we bought everything they say they needed. Of course I grumbled a bit but they always get the better of me and I always agree with them.

I missed these kinds of times with the children and I made a promise to myself to make it a habit starting today. More time with the family, less time with other stuff.